X-CAM II Switch

X-CAM II Switch is an external PoE + IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3af IP camera switch. They work even with large PTZ cameras with IR (power at each port is as much as 30W). The X-CAM II switch has an IP65 weatherproof enclosure and a wide range of operating temperatures allow it to be used in almost any climate. A very convenient and installation time saving function is possibility to power the device directly from the network 100V-230V AC.

Models available:


X-CAM II switch 4L – 4x LAN / PoE + and 1x LAN

X-CAM II switch 8L – 8x LAN / PoE + and 1x LAN

X-CAM II switch 4F – 4x LAN / PoE + and 1x Fiber SC TX1550, RX1310

PoE network switches designed specifically for small and medium IP camera networks. As it is a “Plug-and-Play” device, the installation is very fast. Device via 4 or 8 PoE ports can automatically detect and provide power to all devices powered by standard IEEE 802.3af /at

On the front panel of the switch there is a clear optical indication of the device operation status realized on the LED diodes. The whole in the external version with IP65.

Stable power supply for IP cameras

The device for data and power transmission uses 8 wires of ethernet cable. In contrast, innovative energy-saving technology saves up to 72% of energy consumption, which makes it an environmentally friendly solution. In addition, lightning protection up to 4KV.  Provides a safe and stable power supply.

High compatibility with NVR recorders and any IP cameras

Standard PoE IEEE 802.3af /at allows you to power up to 30W on one port. This function is useful for powering devices that require more power than PTZ cameras or speed dome. The switch automatically detects and powered devices. Switches also have an overload protection.


Durable and safe with IP65

The outsite casing is made of high quality UV-resistant plastics and it is resistant to extreme weather conditions. The unique cooling design ensures long-lasting operation counteracts w  overheating the device.


Your benefits: 

  • You don’t need optional accessories – of power packs, cans, immersion heaters etc.
  • Certain and stable – acting even at sub-zero conditions -20 stC
  • Lightning assembly even high, by IP cameras and the possibility of using shorter UTP ducts
  • You are saving time which you can assign for getting next customers.
  • You have lower joint costs of the entire assembly.
  • The modern appearance and smallnesses.
  • Possibility of the express existing extension, external point of monitoring with additional IP cameras..

… and what’s more everything thanks to CAMSAT X-CAM switches the II!

The most important parameters: 

  •     Power supply of 4 or 8 IP cameras with a power of up to 30W / port
  •     High industrial parameters
  •     Hermetic outer housing with IP65
  •     Direct supply from 230V without additional power supplies and cabling
  •     Optional power supply from 12-24V-48V DC
  •     Fast and convenient assembly
  •     A light, plastic construction that does not attract atmospheric discharges
  •     Low price comparable to internal/non-industrial switches
  •     Active PoE ports protected with anti-voltage
  •     Serial connectivity options up to 16, 32, 64 ports
  •     Modern design



  • IP Camera and POE Switch Selection for IP Surveillance
  • PoE switch for IP cameras (how to reduce installation costs)
  • 4CH / 8CH Network PoE Switch for IP Camera 10/100M
  • PoE network switch for video surveillance cameras, intercoms, industrial devices and all network devices
  • Rapid expansion with additional IP cameras
  • IP cameras conveniently mounted on poles and lighting lanterns
  • Rapid monitoring of construction sites and rapid change of camera location
  • Network switches with PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • I answer you with the question: What switch to IP cameras? Of course X-CAM PoE !

 X-CAM switch II allows you to increase the range of the network with the supply of power (PoE) through the Ethernet cable for distances up to 100m. This allows in places where there is no access to sockets or power lines for the use of Access Point devices, IP camera, LTE etc. You no longer have to worry about complicated use of additional cables or long distance.



  • 4 x LAN with PoE
  • 802.3at and 802.3af (IEEEE802.3 af/at)
  • 1 x Uplink
  • 30W power each
  • Cable lenght according to 802.3af standard
  • IP65
  • -20 to 55 degrees
  • Overcurrent protection up to 8kV, 0,5A
  • 230V input


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