Reconeyez Detector HDR incl. oplaadbare batterij 72007

-Detector is a battery powered camera triggered by motion detector
-Can also be activated at preconfigured times set by an operator.
-Operating temperature range -40°C to +60°C
-IP rating X7 (waterproof)
-Weight (including battery) 700g
-Dimensions 85x120x100mm




Detector is a battery powered camera that is triggered by
motion detection or tamper sensor . It can also be activated at
preconfigured times set by an operator.
Operating temperature range -40°C to +60°C
IP rating X7 (waterproof)
Weight (including battery) 700g
Dimensions 85x120x100mm


Reconeyez detector uses passive infrared (PIR) sensor and
signal analysis to track thermal signature across the
monitored area. If motion is detected an alarm is generated
and the camera is activated.
Maximum detection range 30.5m
Detection angles
(areas shown on
figure on the right)
13° @ 30.5m
28° @ 18.3m
43° @ 10.7m
154° @ 2.2m
Minimum alarm interval Configurable (default 0s –
limited by camera to ~1.5s)
Sensitivity Configurable


Short-range 2.4GHz radio is used for two-way communication between the Detector and other
Reconeyez devices.
Standard IEEE 802.11.4
Bandwidth 2 MHz
Data rate 250 kbps
Modulation QPSK
Tel: +372 602 7995
Erika 14, Tallinn 10416
Antenna omnidirectional
EIRP 12 dBm
Security ECC (secp160r1)
Authentication & encryption AES 128
Max LOS distance 800 m
Network topology mesh


Camera module comprises a day camera for colour imaging, a night camera for monochrome
imaging and an infrared illuminator for dark conditions. Camera stores full size raw images in internal
memory and smaller size jpg images are uploaded to the command center server.
Internal memory
Storage capacity
Downloaded image size
7.6 GB
1800+ images
Thumbnail ~20 kB
Day camera
Picture resolution
Raw image size
Horizontal angle
1920 x 1080
4.2 MB
Night camera
Picture resolution
Raw image size
Horizontal angle
1280 x 960
2.5 MB


Detector is powered by 1 rechargeable Li-Ion battery.
Voltage 3.7V
Capacity 10.2 Ah
Lifetime >400 days standby/ 50,000 events
Time to recharge 7-12 hours (depending on charge type)
Auxiliary solar panel optional


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