• HD 1080p
  • Internal memory of 1TB
  • Recording up to 30 days
  • Internal battery up to 12 hours
  • Wireless LTE (4G) or Radiolink 5.6GhZ
  • Wired Ethernet port
  • Radiolink 5.6Ghz up to 1 KM
  • WIFI 50 meter for laptops and mobile phones
  • Notifications by mail or SMS
  • -20 to 55 degrees
  • IP66





iCAM-MobileHD II is the second edition of a unique and innovative mobile camera system created by Polish engineers. iCAM in the first version is very popular and creates a new look at the quick monitoring of places without infrastructure. Now you can implement Rapid and Temporary Deployment CCTV monitoring of the commune and extensive areas in a few days and you do not need any projects or permits.

You have a problem with high costs for cleaning illegal garbage dumps – install 300m on iCAM and register everything and everyone from a long distance in hiding.

The iCAM-MobileHD II cameras powered and charged at night from a lighthing post will monitor the whole area 24/7 and the picture and control will be available from anywhere in the country.

In iCAM-MobileHD cameras, the image of the highest quality, with negligible compression, is recorded inside the camera. Each camera has a memory enabling archiving of recordings from 30 to 90 days back.

Applications of innovative iCAM cameras:

● Long-term monitoring of areas with presence of at least instantaneous 230V, 24V power supply

Eg., street lighting lantern powered only at night or from a 230V extension cable.

● City monitoring from any 230V lighting lantern

● Observation of construction sites and investment areas

Eg., construction of highways, distant and strategically important objects, bridges and structures in hazardous places, etc.

● Monitoring of construction investments and subcontractors by managers and business owners

● Monitoring of communes without projects and without permits to be completed in 3 days

Video monitoring is now possible anywhere, without any wires.

● Monitoring of illegal waste dumps

Quarterly cleaning costs cover the purchase of several such cameras, which will also solve other problems.

● Observation of dangerous intersections and road crossings that do not have wired monitoring

● iCAM-MobileHD has the features of an operating camera with its own 12h power supply and cameras for long-term observation with automatic charging

● Remote observation

● Camera on the car of a security company and special services

● Very fast response to reports and complaints from residents of municipalities

● Monitoring of border crossings

● Monitoring places of illegal immigrants


The latest iCAM-MobileHD II enables:

● Recording inside the camera in high-quality HD image up to 2k (4Mpix) for 30-90 days

● Continuous remote registration on an external NVR or VMS anywhere in the world

● Night vision IR lighting with a range of 150 to 500m

● Remote PTZ control and LTE real-time viewing

● Remote shutdown to save energy – SMS

● Remote user information about the battery status, alarms and actions in the image – SMS / email

● Own battery supply for 8-12h and the possibility of charging 230V eg. at night from lighting post

● Integration with the Bosh, Milestone, QNAP, Ganz, VMS monitoring center and many more

● Possibility of extending battery operation time by 200% with an additional iCAM-Battery module (24-36h)

● Camera geolocation with GPS and map

● Slide-in mounting even easier and faster to assemble.

● Remote disable / enable camera block via SMS

● External, hermetic LAN port for fast downloading of recordings and configurations

Additional options:

● RemoteControl – remote switching off / on

● AudioLine – Audio loudspeaker output for transmission of warnings from the operator to the camera

● Automatic tracking of people and vehicles moving

● Registration of license plates and face

● iCAM-TVrec – Internet receiver of 4 images from iCAM cameras with HDMI output and with the possibility of registration.

…and many others


VMS – Integrate iCAM with city monitoring

The iCAM-MobileHD system is compatible with the majority of VMS monitoring management systems ..

iCAM can be used with video monitoring management systems such as:

  ● BOSCH Video Management System (BVMS)

  ● Milestone (VMS)

● Genetec

● QNAP Surveillance Station

● Hikvision (iVMS)

● NOVUS Management System (NMS)


● Alnet

   …. and many others

Depending on the version and your VMS license we prepare the iCAM system with compatible camera firmware. For this purpose, contact the technical department in order to select and specify compatibility.

Noctovision – Observe and record from a large distance also at night

The iCAM camera will perform the observation even from a distance of 200m, which is not visible to the potential monitored person. As a standard, each iCAM-MobileHD II is equipped with a night-vision infrared illuminator with a range of up to 150m, and on special request, this range can be extended up to 500m.

230V is enough

It is enough to power 230V only at night, eg from a lighting post to charge the internal battery for the next 8-12 hours. The iCAM system will automatically charge the batteries and provide 24-hour monitoring continuity.

Note: The specified battery times are the measured time of operation in extreme weather conditions at -20 ° C, with a PTZ occupancy below 5% and IR night lighting switched on during charging with 230V.


iCAM-MobileHD I enables remote switching off and switching on most blocks of the camera and recording for any period of time, e.g. in the time of inactivity of operations and without having to access the camera itself. Control of this mode is done by sending a short SMS command from any mobile phone. The whole system is switched on with recording in a few seconds after sending an SMS.

Wireless connection: LTE + 5,6GHz

iCAM-MobileHD II comes as standard with the latest GSM LTE wireless link providing double coverage. Using two SIM cards from different operators provides much better coverage in every terrain, which is especially important in mobile work.

In addition, the camera has been equipped with a radio link with a range of 500-1000m serving, among others, to connect with other iCAM cameras or connect cameras to the HotSpot network in any LAN.

LTE also in Europe and outside the EU

In the case of customers from outside Poland, there is the possibility of accessing the camera in several ways:

● External IP address – More and more GSM operators are able to access the Internet via a fixed IP address, thus access to iCAM takes place in the same way as on a wire. In this option, the video transmission speed and the comfort of PTZ control are the best.

● VPN – The iCAM system enables the inclusion of a private VPN tunnel between the operator and the camera. This option provides a secure connection at a slightly lower speed than in the option with an external IP address.

● Cloud P2P – Access to the camera is done by the application for mobile devices or through a special web portal. This option depends on the IP camera used in the iCAM system, e.g. Hikvision, Bosch, Axis, etc. In this option, we have the ability to control PTZ and video preview with a slight delay.

… wired LAN connection available in every version of iCAM-MobileHD II


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