• Quadruple infrared beam barrier for exterior
  • Wired
  • Maximum detection transmitter / receiver 750 m (interior) and 250 m (exterior)
  • Quadruple adjustable lens
  • H: ±90º / V: ±10º
  • AND/OR function
  • DIP Switch for programming
  • 4 work frequencies
  • Easy programming over LED Display
  • Power 12-24 VDC/VAC


Detection range 750m indoor / 250m outdoor
Number of beams 4
Detection method Interruption of the 4 beams at once or only 2 (up o down)
Interruption time 50ms, 100ms, 300ms, 700ms (available)
Frequency channels 4 different channels over DIP Switch
Alarm outputs 1 relay NO/NC (max. 30VDC/VAC, 0.5A), Tamper NC
Alignment angle Horizontal 180°(±90°), Vertical 20°(±10°)
Adjustment method Over LCD Display between 0-99
Operating temperature -25ºC ~ +55ºC
Degree of protection IP65
Power supply 12~24 VDC/VAC, 90 mA max.
Dimensions 291 (H) x 92 (W) x 90 (D) mm


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